Entertainment is priceless and provides memories that live forever.

MY MM Productions was formed to bring together the entertainers, the promoters and the audience, virtual and live, to create lasting memories of joy.

What we do for entertainers

  • Help you to reach your audience
  • Facilitate the packaging, and exposure of your talent and creativity
  • Facilitate collaboration to create unimaginable outcomes; songs and performances

What we do for promoters

  • Team-up to produce exiting events that patron just can’t forget and keep talking about
  • Negotiate rates that makes everyone happy and motivated to do their part.
  • Promote your events through our family of networks (entertainers’ fans/friends circle)
  • Work with entertainers to seamlessly provide products consistent with your image and expectation
  • Negotiate resolutions when things don’t work as expected or planned.

What we do for audience

  • Work with promoters and entertainers to deliver great entertainment packages – many moments of joy
  • Describe entertainers and provide samples of their work so you know what to expected
  • Create avenues to provide feedback so entertainers can constantly enhance their delivery creating more pleasure for virtual and live audience.
  • Provide complimentary products from entertainers and promoters

This is not an ordinary business start-up – we have resources with extensive industry experience that will propel us to achieve great things in a short time so:

Stay connected and grow with us and remain a part of us