Stevie Malekuu

Stevie Malekuu developed a love for music from a very young age.

His journey in the music industry started at the age of 12 when his father sent him to learn to play guitar. He started singing at age 15 when Richard Mair, his “god father”, engaged a vocal coach to work with him. Shortly after he embarked on song writing.

As a young child Stevie spent his early years between Costa Rica and the United States listening to musical icons such as Bob Marley, Leo Dan, Stevie Wonder, Cocoa Tea, and Anthony Santos.

Although he is influenced by many genres of music, his love of reggae music is what spurred the young Malekuu to pursue his passion, performing as a bilingual reggae artist. Stevie Malekuu is described by some fans as a universal musician because he delivers exceptional performances in many genres; Roots, Reggae, Latin Music, and Soul.

Releases <click image to listen>:

What Will Be was released on July 14, 2022, on the My MM Productions Label and is available on all major platforms.

Stevie Malekuu reggae single called “Don’t Trust Dem” on the “Transfusion Rhythm” was released in January 2022 on the My MM Productions Label.

In 2021 he had a single called “Esta Bein” that’s well received in the Spanish community. Esta Bien is the Spanish translation of the song “It’s Alright” by Wayne Armond of Chalice reggae band.

Live Performances:

  • The Compass Festival (onstage with Jah Nesta to a of a crowd of over 5,000)
  • Haiti Relief (Bay Side) 
  • Sunrise Jamaican and Haitian Festival
  • Will Call Downtown Miami

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