Wayne Armond

Wayne Armond has many years of experience playing in Jamaican bands, playing the hits of the day and backing local music heroes the likes of the WAILERS, KEN BOOTHE, DELROY WILSON, DERRICK HARRIOTT, MARCIA GRIFFITHS, ROY SHIRLEY and many others who went on to become international stars.

As a song writer Wayne has written many songs for other artistes, most notable being RIGHTEOUS YOUTHS (Richie Spice), THE LION AND THE LAMB (RITA MARLEY), CHEATER (SPANNER BANNER), WOMAN (MARCIA GRIFFITHS), SECOND CLASS (CAROL GONZALES & BUJU BANTON). Other artistes who have done Wayne’s songs include J.C. LODGE, DENNIS BROWN, CULTURE and TYRONE TAYLOR. Wayne’s thirst for originality led to the formation of the band called CHALICE in 1980. Known for their emotional and energetic performances worldwide, CHALICE has also had many local hit recordings, I STILL LOVE YOU (1981), a heart wrenching ballad sung by Wayne stayed at the top of the local charts for fourteen weeks, GOOD TO BE THERE, CAN’T DUB, DANGEROUS DISTURBANCES, REVIVAL TIME, POCOMANIA DAY and the popular DANCE HALL PHILHARMONIC, all hit the Jamaican top ten.

Wayne is now thrilling audiences all over as he performs as a “one man band” …… well not really ….. it’s more like “one man and technology”.  He delivers performances that sounds like he is with his seven piece band.

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